That's what our customers say

Olaf Horsthemke, München

"Dear Ms. Wirzbinna, dear Ms. Zentgraf,

I would like to thank you very much for the good cooperation during our joint challenging restructuring project with a globally active IT service provider. This project was a great challenge in terms of organisation, content and emotion.

I was very impressed by your approach to the complex situation in the company as well as your dealings with the employees affected by the job losses.

Your excellent work is based on your extensive HR expertise on the one hand and on your empathetic skills in dealing with employees and managers on the other.

Last but not least thanks to your commitment the project was successfully completed within the given time & cost limits.

I would be very pleased if we could continue to work together again in the future.

Warm regards, Olaf Horsthemke"



Frank Hubrig, Wiesbaden

"Dear Mrs. Wirzbinna, Dear Mrs. Zentgraf,

Thank you very much for the very good support in the two successfully completed reorganization projects in an internationally operating company. 
Your consulting expertise throughout the entire employee lifecycle has helped us to deal with the complexity of the projects and to make the right decisions.

With high professionalism as well as sensitivity and communication skills, you have been able to conduct objective and solution-oriented employee interviews, which was an important success factor. Your positive attitude and humor have sometimes worked wonders to loosen up and lead to success in the conversational situations. 
Also remarkable was your high commitment and the contribution of both your personalities, which was expressed, among other things, in binding, responsible, motivating and solution-oriented behaviour. 

I would be pleased if the opportunity for joint HR projects would also arise in the future and wish you all the best.

With best regards,
Frank Hubrig"



Prof. Dr. Dirk Lippold, Berlin

"For several years, I have worked successfully with Kerstin Wirzbinna and Andrea Zentgraf in the fore of the HR department for an international management consultancy. 
Ms. Wirzbinna was the head of our human resources development and Ms. Zentgraf was responsible for the HR-management of our executives, later she became Head of Human Resources for recruiting and support of all employees of the strategy division.

In the collaboration with Ms. Wirzbinna, I would like to highlight the "Leaders of Tomorrow" leadership programme. 

She has been essentially in designing, developing and successfully implementing the “LoT”-programme. Ms. Wirzbinna realized very early that it is not so much the expertise, but rather the sensitiveness, the values, the patterns of behaviour, the cultural imprint and the individual responsibility with which the potential managers deliver a substantial contribution to the development of the company.

With Ms. Zentgraf, I would like to stress her particular skills in implementing topics in the legal and personnel policy sector. She gained recognition with her sensitivity for complex issues. The trust she obtained from the management team contributed essentially to appoint her as Head of Human Resources in the consulting sector.“



A.O., Coaching-Klientin, Frankfurt

"Rediscovering your strengths,
Expanding your own horizons,
Find courage to think differently,
Use past experience positively,
Gathering forces and..
Finding a new beginning together.
Mainly thanks to the support of allPersonal I could take this path.
Thank you.“



Andreas Philippitsch, Wien

"The HR expert team Andrea/Kerstin stands for absolute professionalism in personnel matters and creates added value for every company in the Human Resources field. They pick you up as a customer where the shoe pinches and deliver pragmatic solutions. The fact that a certain sense of humor is possible in the collaboration strengthens the relationship with the two experts for me in a sustainable way."



Dr. Volker Simmering, Hamburg

"Kerstin Wirzbinna helps with difficult, non routine personnel issues very professionally and empathetically. Strictly solution-oriented. I was impressed."